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2 thoughts on “Speak your mind…

  1. Tim Hoffer

    Rifle season this year was good. I bivied out the night before, and while eating a freeze dried meal while the light faded, I watched a dozen elk near the top of a ridge mill around, bulls bugling, cows mewing. It was a great way to end the night.

    Morning found me up early, eating, packing up my gear, and getting ready to go after the herd. Well, plans can (and do) unravel–another hunter on some adjacent private land broke the silence of the first few minutes of the day with 3 shots, and scattered a lot of elk in the process. Four elk (3 cows and a spike) crashed through the timber, catching me a bit off guard. I was able to get to a small opening, shoulder my rifle, and wait. They filtered by, screened by timber, just 50 yards away. The last elk in the line, the spike, hesitated in a foot-wide gap in the timber. It was just one or two seconds too short of an opportunity. I didn’t like the shot, with him only showing his head and a bit of neck. Once he made it into the small group of trees the others were holding in, they winded me. Hooves and hide were all I saw. Just like that, 4 elk within 50 yards within the first 10 minutes of opening day. No shot. I replayed that moment all day; should I have taken the shot, did I hesitate too long, no, I made the right choice….hindsight can be a bitch.

    But, it was a good day. Any day you can chase elk in the woods on your own, rack up more experience, and come out a bit wiser and a bit beaten, you win. If I had shot that elk, that would have been good, too. But, the season is still on…

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