Short and sweet: a hunting quote to remember

“Don’t pass on an animal on the first day you would be thrilled to take on the last day.”

I cannnot remember where I heard this quote or read it, but it rings true. Too often, I give myself a few “rules” at the trailhead, something about holding out for a 4×4 buck, at least a raghorn bull, a 13″ antelope, etc. It is interesting how we as hunters play this game. I know I have passed on “average” animals on the first day of a hunt, or the opening morning. I just don’t want it to end so soon, so I hold out. Too often, I don’t get the same great shot opportunity at an animal, and when bowhunting, you gotta take ’em when you can.

But, for some, only the biggest will do, and that kind of hunting takes discipline. While I always like the chance at a whopper, I have scaled back my goals, and look more to taking the opportunity when it comes my way. Who knows, you may never put an arrow on the string again on that hunt, or during the season. Take the shot when you can. Don’t worry too much about horns and score; savor the success of a quick kill, an adventure and meat in the freezer.


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