One month and counting…

Bow season is around the corner…less than a month away, the woods will take on a new meaning, feel and purpose. Scouting will become hunting, practice shots will be taken with new focus, and game spotted become “the real thing”.

I have one simple goal: spend a few days in the wilderness, chasing elk at 100% of my ability. Go at it with everything, and hopefully, come out loaded down, tired, smiling and ready to enjoy some great meat and perhaps a nice rack for the memory wall.

I have a little boy at home, a family, and that is the time I want to dedicate to the hunt. It is a tough balancing act. But both are important to me, both help define who I am, and what I value. Both help me be a little bit better, more open, more happy. My son is the key focus. It may sound strange, but I want to go out and hunt hard in the backcountry for him, too. I want to have stories to tell him, photos to share to get him excited about his own first hunt. I want to show him what is out there, and as soon as he is “big enough”, head out to smell the pine trees, feel the bite of an icy stream on tired feet, and hear a big bull bugle in the fading light of day.

That is what is important.


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