Quick work: the Havalon Knife

This is a quick post about a product that made quick work of my relatively quick antelope hunt this fall; it lasted all of about 4 hours this season.But that is for another time…

Havalon Piranta Folding Knives have gotten plenty of press as the  sharpest knives you can find, and it is no exaggeration. One blade was all I needed for the buck to be field dressed and ready to go. Friends have used these knives with similar results, and depending upon size of animal, if you are quartering or boning the meat, more replaceable blades may be necessary; a buddy who shot a massive mule deer buck recently needed two blades to fully break down the deer using the gutless method, boning all the meat.

Do yourself a favor and try one out. They are a great addition to your field dressing kit, or as your go-to knife for anything that needs a good, sharp blade–deer, elk, moose, bear, fish–you name it.


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